Communicate with Confidence

Communicate with Confidence

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Written in plain language, Communicate with Confidence provides information, hints and practical exercises in five key everyday communication skills:

  1.  Listening
  2.  Talking
  3.  Greeting and Partings
  4.  Manners
  5.  Extending Social Networks

Structured activity worksheets

  • Work by yourself; thinking or writing.
  • Work with a communication partner.
  • Practice in the community.

A resource for

  • Employees or employers wanting to improve workplace communication
  • Adults who lack confidence in social situation
  • People wanting to improve communication within the family
  • Skilled communicators who want to refine their interactive style
  • Speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists addressing social skill development
  • Anyone seeking to broaden or strengthen friendships and networks
  • Parents and teachers working with adolescents to develop peer relationships
  • Communicate with confidence is a practical guide for anyone wanting to improve or refresh their communication skills.
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