Word Sounds

Word Sounds



A language program to build recognition and production of speech sounds and letters within words.

A companion volume to Building Language: Word Meanings.

For use

  • by Speech Pathologists working with adults and adolescents who have dysphasia, dyslexia or dysgraphia
  • by Teachers of Adult Literacy
  • by Speech Pathologists working with children who have language and literacy needs
  • in basic language training, including English as a second language



  • Based on cognitive neuropsychological theory
  • Tasks graded according to phonological features, word frequency, word shape and spelling regularity
  • User-friendly for the learner and their carer/helper
  • Practical hints and instructions in everyday language
  • Enables self-directed continuation of therapy at home
  • Individual worksheets for direct use
  • Coded sheets for quick grading
  • Material suitable for children and adults
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